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Wild Tigers: Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, India – We were on foot exploring the ruins of an ancient fort on a high plateau in Bandhavgarh. No sooner did we reach the summit than we heard the alarm call of the monkeys. Evidently there was a tiger on top of the mountain with us. I turned to Vivek, our guide, “I thought you said the tigers didn’t come up to the fort?” “Well, not often,” he said, as if this were only a slight miscalculation. “Do you want to track it?” he asked. I surveyed our group and made a quick assessment of our tiger-fighting capabilities. With me were Vivek, my wife Susan and an eighty-year-old man assigned to us by the park. My Nikon appeared to be our only weapon. “Let’s not,” I replied.

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